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Leading without supervisory function


Leading without supervisory function
Di, 14. Juli 2015, 00:00 h - Mi, 15. Juli 2015, 00:00 h
Frankfurt, Hessen
SIM Führungstraining
Max. 12 participants


Achieving goals effectively without disciplinary responsibility


The hierarchies within organizations are more and more replaced by matrix structures and project organizations. The challenge herein is to lead colleagues and personnel inter-divisionally and even inter-organizationally without supervisory function. Who succeeds in motivating others, getting them to take on tasks and responsibilities, and to achieve the specified goals as a team despite resistances, is appreciated and respected as a leader. They are not accepted based on a legitimation due to a hierarchical structure, but based on their role and their personal effect. In this training you learn the essential methods of lateral leadership, reflect your actions as well as your communication in order to further develop your acceptance as a leader.

Training goals

  • You are familiar with the concept of lateral leadership.
  • You know how to achieve goals with colleagues without disciplinary responsibility.
  • You reflect your leading skills and train how to lead with professional competence and natural authority.
  • You identify mechanisms of cooperation within groups and know how you act professionally.
  • You know more about the positive effect of open communication.
  • You receive an individual feedback regarding your leadership and communication behavior in order to optimize your assertiveness.

Key Points of the training content

  • The concept of lateral leadership
  • Forming of factual - and relationship level
  • Situational leadership – How do I choose tasks- and my personal management style?
  • Techniques for successfully acting in the areas of conflict between "boss" or rather the person in charge and colleagues.
  • Task agreement with control of work and information processes.
  • Achieving desired results and closing projects successfully together with colleagues.

Target group

Staff function members, managers in matrix organizations, project leaders and managers, team- and group spokespersons, deputies, as well as all employees who mainly lead professionally without disciplinary responsibility.


Olaf Muther


Business cases, group / individual work, role play exercises, discussion techniques, learning-transfer exercises, elements of coaching. Participant's individual issues and questions will be included in the training.


990,- € per participant for 2 days incl. training material (plus VAT/Mehrwertsteuer), not including hotel and travel expenses.


Raum Frankfurt


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