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Negotiating professionally in an international environment


Negotiating professionally in an international environment
Mi, 17. Juni 2015, 00:00 h - Fr, 19. Juni 2015, 00:00 h
München, Bayern
SIM Vertriebstraining


Developing critical negotiation skills in English


Negotiating with suppliers, customers, counterparts and colleagues is part of many specialists' and managers' daily life. A good negotiator should be a careful observer, an attentive listener, and a convincing speaker. This is especially challenging when negotiations are not conducted in one's native language.
This training provides effective "tools" for a successful negotiation dialogue in any language. Additionally, it enhances the English skills required for goal and partner-oriented persuasion.
Language and negotiation skills are broadened and strengthened during numerous experience-oriented hands-on exercises. The participants practice the art of diplomacy as well as assertiveness. Furthermore, they learn how to focus on the ability to convince their negotiation partners, and to avoid language-based misunderstandings.

Training goals

  • You can plan your negotiation strategy in advance, and more confidently reach your goal.
  • You learn about the different relationship modes in negotiation situations, and how to proactively create sound and stable relationships.
  • You can confidently recognize basic motivations of the other party, and use this information to develop more convincing and relevant argumentation.
  • You know how to differentiate and handle various types of resistance, perceive and respond to negotiation tactics, and thus act even more goal- and partner-oriented.
  • You experience informative practice cases and practical examples of different types of behavior, that enable you to achieve your goals more effectively.

Key Points of the training content

  • Understanding the requirements and personal assets needed for sustainable negotiation processes
  • The balance of assertiveness and partner orientation
  • Experience negotiations as a "process" and control them with confidence
  • Better understand the reasons for behaviors, recognize and respond to resistance and tactics, comprehend and apply English negotiation terms
  • Systemize your approach to negotiation, and finalize the deal/agreement more confidently

Language barriers, understanding of roles in international negotiations, and negotiation skills receive equal focus in this training.

Target group

All experts and managers who would like to improve their negotiation and language skills, who do not leave their success to chance, and do not want to learn the "hard way", but instead want to negotiate with confidence.


This is an experience-oriented training that triggers insights and the willingness to change. Group work, interactive teaching, and detailed negotiation exercises will expose the strengths and development areas in participants' behavior. The factual and linguistic content will be conveyed and reinforced by the American trainer. A direct relation to the negotiations will be established. Contents utilized during the training will be documented on flip charts and pin boards. A photo protocol will be mailed to you in PDF format.


Pat Gifford


3 days intensive training. Max. 12 participants per training course.


1.295,- € per participant for 3 days incl. training material (plus VAT/Mehrwertsteuer), not including hotel and travel expenses.


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